Corporate Deductible


WPA’s Corporate Deductible offers an award-winning alternative to a traditional insured arrangement. For most large companies, the basic claims costs are predictable year-on-year – so why insure what is essentially a known risk? WPA’s Corporate Deductible arrangement enables you to take the basic claims costs as a large corporate excess – dramatically reducing the overall premium. Not only will your scheme be more cost-efficient, you will continue to benefit from the protection offered by a traditional insurance contract and, in a low claiming year, the savings belong to you, not the insurer. From June 2017, the tax on-cost of providing benefits, such as medical insurance, is 27%. That’s Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at 12%, compounded by National Insurance at 13.8%.

Potential savings

When comparing a Corporate Deductible scheme with a traditional Fully Insured scheme, there are significant savings to be made.


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